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Comfort Eating

What We Eat When Nobody's Looking

Grace Dent


**Signed copies available. The title page of the book is signed by Grace Dent

Have you ever wondered why eating cheese can sometimes feel like a cuddle? Or how a good curry can be just what we need after a tough day? Oh, and just what is it about butter that makes us feel so at ease ?

The foods we turn to behind closed doors are deeply personal, steeped in nostalgia and topped with a healthy dollop of guilty pleasure. Comfort Eating finds Grace Dent inviting readers to her kitchen table to discover what makes the things we really eat so delicious. As she explores her go-to comfort foods through a series of joyous encounters, she catches up with famous friends to discover their secret snacks – from Jo Brand’s fried bread sandwich and Russel T Davies’ butter pepper rice, to Scarlett Moffat’s crushed Wotsits-topped beans on toast and many, many more…

So grab a plate and pull up a chair: unfussy, honest and filled to the brim with heartwarming personal stories and comfort food tales, Comfort Eating is the perfect treat for food lovers everywhere

Born and bred in Carlisle, Comfort Eating also includes many references to Grace’s life growing up in Cumbria


Guardian Faber Publishing



Publication Date:



Hardback; 234 x 153mm



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