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A Century of Heversham and Leasgill

Malcolm Sisson


During the last hundred years Haversham and Leasgill has witnessed many changes and this book has tried to capture life in these two villages during the century and how it has developed.

This book quite literally takes the reader or walker on a journey in time through these two old Westmorland villages, incorporating the little hamlet of Woodhouse. Commencing the walk at Levens Bridge, after a short distance you will be taken along the country lane into the village, where Malcolm describes the various properties, who lived and worked there and relevant points of interest. You will be taken back to the days, where horse and cart was the regular mode of transport, we read of such things as ‘lantern lectures’ and ‘penny readings!’ The days before telephone when you posted a card to your girlfriend in Sedgwick in the morning making a date for the same evening!

The book brings us right up to the present day. The Millenium celebrations that brought in the 21st century and the building of the panoramic indicator, together with time capsule, at Haversham Head. This book is filled with many photographs to illustrate these times, for you to keep and delight in at leisure!


Helm Press



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Paperback; 210 x 145mm




Black and white photographs throughout