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Politics On The Edge

A Memoir From Within

Rory Stewart


‘What do you think about my becoming an MP?’, I asked.
‘I think that is a very bad idea.’

Nobody expected a move into politics. Certainly not Conservative politics. Least of all Rory Stewart.

Yet, in 2009, Rory found himself considering an unlikely move. David Cameron had reopened the Conservative candidates’ list to ‘anybody who wants to apply’. He decided to stand.

In the ten years that followed, Rory was returned as the MP for Penrith and The Border, navigated the Brexit referendum from within the Palace of Westminster, churned through a merry-go-round of short-lived ministerial positions, and failed to claim the Conservative leadership crown. He was a political outsider on the inside during a defining decade in British political history – years when he was witness to, and railed against, the hollowing out of our political institutions, leadership, parties and policy.

This is his damning portrait of power failures at every level (his own included),and British politics in decay; of the cronyism, cynicism, ignorance and sheer incompetence that ran rampant throughout Westminster and the individuals – Boris Johnson and Liz Truss among them – who went on to mastermind the political and economic chaos of today. .

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Vintage Publishing



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Hardback; 240 x 156mm



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