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The Farmer’s Wife

My Life in Days

Helen Rebanks

This is an absolutely gorgeous portrait of life at Helen Rebanks’ Lake District farmhouse.

In the middle of Matterdale there is a busy working family farm; at the centre of that farm is the farmhouse, and at the very heart of that farmhouse is the kitchen – the pulse and focal point around which everything revolves. It’s where farming decisions are made, where the business is run from, where family-life is lived – and most of all it’s where Helen Rebanks cooks the food that fuels the entire operation.

In her book, Helen invites you to spend time with her in the kitchen – but also out on the fells and meadows and in the pens and pastures, where she and her family work. It’s the ultimate seasonal job, and in taking you through their farming life, she will share glorious seasonal recipes influenced by the time of year and reflecting the farming and conservation work being done outdoors.

This book is about how and what we choose to eat – and how we can decide to prepare meals that are tasty and quick to prepare, but are still good for us and good for nature-friendly farming.It’s a book that will help to bridge the gap between farmers in the fields and the rest of us in the kitchen or the supermarket, the gap between field and fork. A gorgeous, unvarnished delve into the labour and glory of keeping a home and raising a family, this memoir also offers a chance to think about where our food comes from, and who puts it on the table, Helen helps us all survive with recipes, lists and gentle wisdom to help us get through our days, whatever they throw at us.

Weaving past and present, Helen shares the days that have shaped her and the women in the history of  her family. This is the truth of those days: from steering the family through the Beast from the East and the local authority planning committee, to finding the quiet strength to keep going, when supper is yet to be started, another delivery man has assumed he needs to speak to the ‘man of the house’, and she would rather punch a cushion than plump it!








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Hardback; 204 x 156mm



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