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From the Mines to the Mountains

John Dalton's 'Descriptive Poem' of 1755 and Contemporary Accounts of Cumberland and Westmorland

Christopher Donaldson, Stephen Matthews


Includes an A3 print of ‘Matthias Read: A Birds-Eye View of Whitehaven (c.1735)

John Dalton’s ‘Descriptive Poem’ of 1755 affords a unique glimpse of the undersea mines at Whitehaven and the scenery of Borrowdale and Lowther.

Dalton’s descriptions enticed his contemporaries to visit the industry and the sublime scenery of Georgian Cumberland and Westmorland. They were followed by the ‘early tourists’ and the Romantic poets.

This is the first modern edition of Dalton’s poem, which is reproduced in facsimile, and of three other scarce topographic poems from the 1750s: ‘A Poetical Prospect of the Coastal Town and Harbour of Workington’ and ‘A Poetical Prospect of Whitehaven’ by James Eyre Weeks and ‘A Poetical Prospect of Keswick’ by Thomas Cowper. The texts are accompanied by an introductory essay and extensive explanatory notes.





Publication Date:

2018 July


Paperback; 210 x 147mm




Some black and white illustrations