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Alastair Morton and the Edinburgh Weavers

Visionary Textiles and Modern Art

Lesley Jackson


The Carlisle based company, Edinburgh Weavers, was one of the most important textile companies of the twentieth century.

Alastair Morton, visionary art director of the company, commissioned a remarkable series of textiles from leading British artists, including Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth and Elisabeth Frink, as well artist-designers, such as Marion Dorn, Ashley Havinden and Lucienne Day. Morton was also a gifted artist, textile designer and weaver in his own right. This long overdue study traces his wide-ranging career and records the history of Edinburgh Weavers and the glorious textiles it produced. Drawing on the V&A’s extensive archive this impressive book features over 300 images of artists’ textiles unparalleled in quality and scope and is an invaluable resource.


V & A publishing



Publication Date:

2012 February


225mm x 280mm hardback