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The Smugglers’ Fingers

Paul Webb


From the foothills of the Cumbrian Fells, through the Welsh Marches to the cliff tops of the Cornish Peninsula, rural communities across the country find themselves and their landscapes under threat. But when local landowner Sir George Hoggit takes time off from seducing stable girls and gets into bed with dubious Green energy developers Ref Watt, and then bribes the local council to support his plans for a giant wind farm, the villagers of Plompley decide to fight back…and some of them are none too fussy how they do it.

As tactics on both sides become ever more desperate, the parish council find themselves at the centre of an orchestrated riot, little old ladies weaponise their knitting needles and a Land Rover disappears vertically into the flaming night sky. A chaotic torchlit procession threatens to become a cannibalistic orgy and even the Ku Klux Klan manage to contribute to the ensuing mayhem…and that’s before the elements join in, finally revealing the real mystery of…The Smugglers’ Fingers.



Publication Date:

2019 March


Paperback; 227 x 152mm





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