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Storey-A Priest for His Time

Peter Roebuck


Fr. A.J. Storey (1919-2007) won a huge following among lay people. He was born into comfortable circumstances in east Yorkshire, educated at Stonyhurst, and trained in Rome.

Following repatriation in 1940 he was ordained in 1943. After a Cambridge History degree he was scheduled to become a priest-teacher, but instead was appointed Curate in deprived areas of Middlebrough and Hull. He was University Chaplain at Hull during the student troubles of 1962-71 before parish work elsewhere in Yorkshire, latterly for 15 years in Cottingham.

He never ceased to grow intellectually and spiritually. The central purpose of this book is to trace that process. While his faith was rock-solid, he persistently raised questions, pursued answers and shared his views widely. Encounters with ordinary people settled his conviction as a liberal on the left. He welcomed Vatican II enthusiastically and maintained that its decrees would ultimately constitute orthodoxy. Deeply influenced by Aelred of Rievaulx and Erich Fromm, he regarded affective relationships as central to human life and counselled skillfully. He espoused liturgical change, was an energetic ecumenist, and worked hard for the poor and persecuted everywhere. He was regarded as a beacon of hope in a troubled world – a priest for his time.





Publication Date:

2019 May


Paperback; 210 x 148mm




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