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Kendal History Tour

Billy F. K. Howarth


Kendal is often described by two other names, one being ‘The Auld Grey Town’ and the other ‘The Gateway to the Lakes’. One of the earliest indications of the town name was in Norman times when it was known as Kirk byre Ken dale (church town in Kent dale). The central area at that time was built up around the parish church and Kirkland; and on the southern outskirts there is an ancient marker stone bearing the carving of the name Kirby Kendal.

This is a fascinating area, with its many old yards leading down to the River Kent. It has been home to such well known industries as Kendal Brown Snuff, Kendal Socks, K Shoes and Kendal Mint Cake; the first and last of these are still in production today. Kendal History Tour is a unique insight into the illustrious history of this famous Cumbrian town, its well-known streets and famous faces, and explains what they meant to local people throughout the nineteenth and into the twentieth century. Readers are invited to follow a timeline of events and watch the changing face of Kendal as author Norman Holloway guides us through the local streets.





Publication Date:

2017 April


Paperback; 167 x 24mm




Colour photographs throughout

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