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Thomas Smith 1614-1702

David W. V. Weston


Thomas Smith, bishop of Carlisle from 1614 to 1702, is worthy of particular attention. Born in 1614, he lived through a tumultuous period that included nine years of Civil War, the abolition of both the monarchy and the Church of England, and eleven years of republican government. He died aged 87.

Educated in a Westmorland grammar school, and admitted to Queen’s College, Oxford, aged 15, Smith was elected a fellow of the college and settled into a distinguished academic career. However, life under the Commonwealth became unbearable and he fled the city in 1652, becoming domestic chaplain to a Royalist family in Cumberland.
The Restoration of the monarchy and the Church of England in 1660 allowed him to make a new start. After canonries of Carlisle and Durham, he became successively dean of Carlisle and bishop of Carlisle, where his scholarship, generosity and gift for friendship bore fruit.





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2020 February


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