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Anthony Gunson

The life & times of a village architect & joiner

Shirley Thornhill


“Anthony Gunson’s account book came into my hands several years ago. through a friend who thought I might find it interesting. As I read through it I realized that there was a story to tell of a way of life in those times and of the people who came to Anthony for his expertise. There was not a job that he ever turned down. He drew up plans for houses to be built and organised their construction, carried out the joinery and employed carpenters and labourers for all the work involved. Many customers with interesting lives came to Anthony with their requests for work to be carried out as the reader will find out as they make their way through the pages of this book. A real insight to a way of life long gone.”

Shirley L. Thornhill


P3 Publications



Publication Date:

2021 April


210 x 148mm