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Huge and Mighty Forms

Why Cumbria makes memarkable people

Paul Eastham


Why does Cumbria produce such remarkable people? What inspired the visionary poet William Wordsworth, or cause the brilliant storytelling but tragic love affair of Beatrix Potter?
How did Cumbria’s challenging character trigger Fletcher Christian’s Mutiny on the Bounty, motivate the rebels who almost toppled Henry VIII or drive Maryport’s feuding Ismay family to build the Titanic – and sink it?

Drawing on research, letters, diaries and archaeology this book explores a 13,000-year timespan. It examines how the hauntingly beautiful Lake District, its pioneering Atlantic-facing origins and its rich Celtic culture helped forge some extraordinarily original people. This book suggests Cumbria’s distance from London, its deep artistic and religious traditions and its mountainous impregnability endowed Cumbrians with a distinctly different outlook to South-East England.

This is the story of how an extraordinary place made an exceptional people.


Fletcher Christian Publishers



Publication Date:

2019 August