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Not Behind the Bike Sheds

Barrie Day


This lively memoir covers the author’s teaching career from the chalk and talk of the Seventies to the digital wizardry of the Noughties. We share the author’s journey as a teacher in classrooms in the English Midlands, Jamaica, Miami Florida and north west England where his school was destroyed by the Carlisle floods of 2005.

Alongside the teaching are the escapades of the author and his family as he journeys through a rapidly changing technological landscape and navigates the confusing vagaries of teaching in the cultures of Jamaica and the USA. Above all, the reader participates in the intriguing craft of the classroom teacher as the author progresses from utter inexperience to achieving national recognition for his work using digital media in the classroom. This memoir is written with great humour and insight and captures the fascinating dynamics of the classroom and the ties that bind a teacher and his students.


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Publication Date:

2016 March


Paperback; 152 x 229mm



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