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Carlisle and the Solway Firth 1895

Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Cumberland


These maps normally cover an area of about 18 miles by 12 miles and are especially good at showing railways, roads and canals, and at giving a broad view of a wider area. Each includes an introduction and a more detailed map of a small town or village.

This early One Inch Ordnance Survey map covers the area from Carlisle westward to Skinburness, southward to Dalston and northward to Gretna Junction. Unfortunately the area of Scotland north of the Solway Firth is left blank. Most of Carlisle itself is shown and other features include the railway lines to Port Carlisle, much of the Carlisle & Silloth Branch, and the Solway Railway up to and including its bridge across the Firth. On the reverse we include a detailed map of the village of Kirkbride, including its station and Angerton; the junction with the Solway Railway – here called the Kirtlebridge Annan & Brayton Branch – was just south of the village.

It is not possible to list the many hamlets, farmsteads and other topographical features shown on these maps. However, you may find it useful if we list the towns and principal villages or church parishes that are included on this map. Links are given for those for which detailed large-scale maps are also available- Abbey Town, Beaumont, Bowness, Burgh by Sands, Cardurnock, Carlisle, Dalston, Drumburgh, Dundraw Kelsick & Wheyrigg, Great Orton, Grinsdale, Holme Abbey, Holme East Waver, Kingmoor, Kirkandrews upon Eden, Kirkbampton, Kirkbride, Newton Arlosh, Oulton, Port Carlisle, Rockcliff, Skinburness, Stanwix, Thursby, Todhills.



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