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Penrith Through Time

Dr Judith Heyworth, Dr Bryan Lindley


This unique selection of images and informative captions is essential reading for anyone who knows and loves this town.

Penrith, a small, but characterful and historic market town, was known as Epiacum during the Roman occupation, significant through lead and silver mining. Following the accession of James 1 to the British throne, the Borders became less warridden. Penrith emerged as a prosperous market town during the Victorian era. Most significant was the coming of the railway, stimulating trade and visitor numbers. Later, bus and commercial road traffic expanded, and ‘trucking’ grew important. For the year 2000, the Penrith Millennium Trail was commissioned, a series of walks starting from the town centre and radiating like flower petals. This anthology of photographs presents Penrith from the early 1900s to 2013. The story is ‘Penrith changing’, comparing the new with old at a time of rapid evolution and population growth.


Amberley Publishing



Publication Date:

2013 July


Paperback; 235 x 165mm.




Black & white and colour photographs.

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