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John Bainbridge


For almost two centuries, the gravestones of the Graham family stood side by side in Grinsdale’s quiet, lonely churchyeard. The Grahams had once owned the nearby Knockupworth Hall and its adjacent farm. In some ways, they might seem a typical family of their class: an assortment of landowners, farmers and professionals.

But the mysteries posed by the inscriptions on these gravestones have never been answered. For the first time, John Bainbridge begins piecing together this hitherto unexplored corner of Cumbrian history. The research uncovers some fascinating stories, including a double murder trial and a sporting controversy that rocked Cumberland. It also reveals the identity of a mysterious ‘missing lady’ and explains why she was not buried in her intended resting place.

This absorbing book not only tells the story of a family, it weaves a backdrop of local and national history through which seven generations of the Grahams lived their lives.


Kentigern Press



Publication Date:

2020 January


Paperback; 234 x 154mm




16 pages of colour plates