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A History of Longtown and District

Volume Two 'Where the Esk Glides Gently On'

Gordon L. Routledge


In this the second volume of ‘A History of Longtown and District,’ I have covered the events of the town and its people through various accounts of their lives and their times. Also with the help of numerous newspaper articles, some carrying good news but many not so much, we can get an insight into what was going on in the town and surrounding district across the decades.

I believe that everyone has their own story to tell providing that we take the time and have the patience to stop, listen and take an interest in what they have to say. Time does not stand still and once the information is lost, then it has gone forever. Sadly, many of the people who contributed to the book are no longer with us but their memories will live on through this book and I hope to include more of their accounts when I come to complete a third and final volume in the not too distant future. The book represents a diverse and very special community with an individual way of life all of its own.

Gordon L. Routledge


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Paperback; 297 x 210mm




Black and white photographs throughout

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