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Longtown Memories of Yesteryear

Gordon L. Routledge


Robert Hodgeon was born in 1914 but cannot remember his father who fell in the First World War. Robert was only a small boy when his father, John, went away to war, one of the many who never came home and is commemorated on the War Memorial in Longtown.

I have known, Robert, or Bobby as he is affectionately called, since I was a boy growing up in the town and have had the greatest respect for him both as a person and as a dedicated local historian. Some twenty or more years ago I took Bobby and Ritchie Foster to see the newly refurbished Coop House at Netherby, and Bobby said that if I called to see him he would tell me what he knew about Longtown in the old times. What with Bobby being out on his long walks and me still working at that time, I eventually managed to achieve this in the year 2007; when he told me his interesting story which I have written down as a record of his life and times growing up in Longtown.
He turned 100 years of age on 11th November, 2014; and as this book is about to go into print he has just reached his 104th birthday. This is my tribute to a very knowledgeable man who has Longtown both in his heart and in his blood.
-Gordon L. Routledge


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Publication Date:

2018 November


Paperback; 210 x 150mm




Black and white photograohs throughout