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Drystone Walls in a Westmorland Landscape

Asby Walls in Detail and in Context

David S Johnson


A field and documentary survey of drystone walls in Asby parish was undertaken in 2022 as a community project under the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership scheme. Nearly 40 walls were surveyed and interpreted, and a typology of wall development was compiled based on detailed wall characteristics. The methods and rationale are explained in the book and the results and typology are compared with other walls in Westmorland and North Craven. Five broad wall types have been recognised.

David S. Johnson is an independent historical geographer and landscape archaeologist based in North Craven. His main research interests focus on upland, northern landscapes and historical land uses, and on settlement in North Craven in the Anglo-Saxon era.






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297mm x 210mm paperback


9781873124 91 8


Black & white illustrations

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