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Barrow & Low Furness

Past & Present

John Garbutt


Barrow & Low Furness gives a fascinating insight into the dramatic changes that have taken place in the town and surrounding area during the 20th century. The book recalls houses and public buildings, shops, factories and pubs that have vanished or been changed almost beyond recognition. The pictures show changing types of transport and fashion, and the developing character of streets and districts as they took on the form that is familiar today.

Many aspects of the changing town and surrounding area are recalled and the pictures record the ceaseless building and rebuilding that characterises the town today. It also acknowledges the regeneration that has taken place and celebrates the character and energy of local people as they move through the first years of this new century. Drawing on detailed local knowledge of the community, and illustrated with a wealth of black-and-white photographs, the author has combined a remarkable selection of archive photographs with modern views of the same scenes in order to record the transformation that has occurred.

The book will add to the knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of all those who take an interest in this historic town.


The History Press



Publication Date:

2010 January


Paperback; 234 x 156mm




Black and white photographs throughout