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104 Men

The 1947 William Pitt Disaster

Amanda M. Garraway


“As people kept vigil on the Bransty Castle, waiting and praying for the one hundred and four miners trapped in the William Pit below, a strange thing happened: The setting sun, sinking beyond the horizon, as if from out of the sea, rose up again, to slowly sink back down. Some described it as a natural phenomenon. Others saw it as a sign from heaven.”

A memorial of stone is powerful enough to make passers-by pause and reflect, but a paper memorial such as ‘104 Men’ is even more powerful.

Amanda M. Garraway, and the families and friends of so many of those men, have produced an emotional and colourful tribute which paints a vivid portrait of a strong mining community, the humour and the hardship of their working lives, and ultimately the horror of that fateful day in 1947.

Above all it honours the memory of 104 men who were as deeply rooted in the earth of Cumberland as the coal they hewed and carried. This book has done them proud.

**This is an enhanced and expanded second edition of the original award winning book.


Hayloft Publishing



Publication Date:

2020 December


Paperback; 250 X 190mm




Black and white photographs throughout.