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Reading The Rocks

Exploring the geology and landscape of the North Pennines

Elizabeth Pickett


Clearly presented guide to the unique geology and landscape of the North Pennines.

The rocks and landscape of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and Global Geopark tell a fascinating story – one that began in the ditant geological past, hundreds of millions of years ago.

By spotting clues in the landscape and ‘reading the rocks’ this book explores the North Pennines’ long and remarkable journey through time. Discover deep oceans and violent volcanoes, colliding continents and molten rock, tropical seas and lush rainforests, hot water and minerals, desert dunes and vast ice sheets. All these have helped create the unique North Pennine landscape we see today. Also looks at how the landscape has been influenced and been shaped by the people who have lived and worked there through the ages and how it is still evolving through a combination of naturqal processes and human activity.


North Pennines AONB Partnership



Publication Date:

2011 December


Paperback; H:250mm; W:210mm




18 hand-painted illustrations, 2 maps,125 photographs

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