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Native of Eskdale

Margaret Armstrong Elliot


This book is a wonderful tribute to the natives of Eskdale and their way of life remembered by one of their own. The author’s memories of Eskdale relate to the 1930s through to the 1950s. She was a farmer’s daughter but her family also kept the Woolpack Inn so the book recounts how this was run in the days when ‘horses and carts and candlesticks were just being replaced by cars and electricity.’ There are chapters on the history of the valley, the seasons on the farm, school, church, celebrities and the inn’s customers.

The author originally wrote this book to record her memories for her children and two granddaughters. Margaret’s memories of Eskdale and her research into the area’s history will be appreciated by a wider audience interested in the Lake District, farming and rural life.





Publication Date:

2016 May


Paperback; 226 x 150mm




Some black and white and colour photographs