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I’m Alan Hubbard, who are you?

Alan Hubbard


This is more than a memoir of an octogenarian. It’s also an insight into the life of working class Britain over eight decades unfolding in a series of anecdotes from someone whose cavalier approach frequently led to edgy situations. How they were handled reveals as much about society as it does of him. The scene oscillates between the grind of physical work and thrilling ascents of towering cliffs above heaving seas on remote islands. Along the way cathedrals, country church yards and lonely moorlands evoke reflections on life.

Politics are a constant thread – not in an academic way but in athis-is-what-it-means-to-you way. You are urged to think rather thansubliminally absorb. The aim is to amuse and inform, often in a confrontational style.






Publication Date:

2021 May


228 x 150 Paperback




Black and white illustrations.

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