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Victoria Morris


A 3,500-mile walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End via the highest point of every county

“In the Prologue to this dazzling, formidable journey on foot across the UK via county tops, Victoria Morris remarks: ‘From the time I caught up with reality, I have been completing a mental farewell tour, realising one by one that my childhood ideals no longer exist and saying goodbye to them.’ But this memoir, this homage to landcsape is proof that we can recreate those ideals through the paths we forge, inhabit them fully through writing. Like Nan Shepherd, Morris immerses herself in the hills, staying ‘respectfully on the same side as the weather’, biding her time as ‘the landscape aches past’. She writes as poignantly about power lines as she does about the blush of exposed granite. Her journal is witty, frank and inspiring, alive to the ways that walking changes noticing: how ‘common occurrences become omens’, horizons shift, the ground’s personality alters. Morris started her long walks as a way to fill the ‘mountain-shaped hole’ in her life at university. This book will fill the mountain-shaped hole in your imagination.” – Helen Mort, poet and author of Lake District Trail Running

“Finding the extraordinary in the apparently ordinary, Highpoints reaffirms the joy of adventure – and of simply putting one foot in front of the other. While Victoria Morris touches every corner of Britain, she also finds the freedom we all crave.” – Jonny Muir, author of Heights of Madness

“A heart-warming account of an unconventional journey most walkers could only dream to embark upon; Highpoints captures the wonder of our wild places, and revives the childhood freedom of adventure within us all.”
Alex Staniforth, record-breaking adventurer, motivational speaker, author or Another Peak and co-founder of Mind Over Mountains





Publication Date:

2020 June


Paperback; 200 x 130




58 colour photographs and hand-drawn maps