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The Wordsworths

Brita Granstroem, Mick Manning


Celebrate William Wordsworth’s 250th birthday with this beautiful retelling of his life. Produced to coincide with the 250th birthday of Wordsworth in 2020, this book adapts the lyrical diary of his sister, Dorothy Wordsworth, detailing their life together roaming the beautiful Lake District. Dorothy’s works are now considered essential early examples of a women’s role in literature, underpinnning her position as a female role model, as they confront issues spanning from social justice, the French revolution and nature.

Lush Lake District and London landscapes, and carefully researched costumes bring the era to life, while extracts from longer works such as The Prelude tie into the national curriculum.


Franklin Watts



Publication Date:

2020 May


Hardback; 245 x 300mm



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