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A Sense Of Place

Nancy Priest


To many people, Tindale seems a quiet, out-of-the-way sort of place. However, there is far more to the area than first impressions suggest. Memories of its industrial past are still very much alive in mind and landscape. There are also traces of a much older history to be found that indicate the ebb and flow of people over thousands of years. There are carved stones, age-old banks and ditches, ancient buildings, and a place where Neolithic hunters once rested.


There is a natural history of a far greater age than the human sort, and there is wild weather and the quiet tenacity of nature as it tends its scars and reclaims. There is the village that emerged in the years following the industrial era, and there is the present day where local innovation will influence the future. All these elements contribute to Tindale’s unique sense of place and have been woven together through these pages.



Nancy Priest



Publication Date:

2021 July




Black & white illustrations

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