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Geoff Charlton


This is the story of a Jack Russell dog as seen thorough his eyes. What he sees and does and who he meets along the way. Meet Jem the love of his life, a fellow Jack Russell dog, the sensible one in the household.

Follow Weasel on his journey as he makes his way in the world. From heartbreak at losing his ‘dad’ to finding a new home with Bertie and Alice at the vicarage after spending time in a local dog’s home, and all the excitement that comes with meeting new friends.

See how the drama unfolds as one door closes and another one opens. Just what is a vet? And why does Weasel have to have a bath? Time spent in an ‘animal’s refuge’ what fate awaited him there? Why did a ‘stone’ talk in the garden of his new home? What was it really?

These and many more questions are answered as Weasel makes his way through life as he settles into his new home.

Love, laughter and tears aplenty as Weasel goes from one exciting adventure to the next.

This is Weasel’s story.


Keld Publishing



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Paperback; 211 x 149mm



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