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Riding a Lion

Coral Rumble


A gorgeous collection of poetry for children from the award-winning Coral Rumble. This collection is beautifully illustrated and hand-signed by Cumbrian artist Emily Ford.

Some people like to think that a collection of poems for children has to be either funny or serious, as if there were two types of children who would only like one or the other!

But life isn’t like that… some days we think hard, some days we cry and some days we laugh loudly and boldly – and so do children.

Many of the poems in this collection are about real life. Others are about life as it’s found in the quirky imagination of the poet. Between the covers of this book, you will find poems that puzzle you, tell you stories and make you ask questions. There are dangerous poems, delicate poems and daft poems. One minute you’ll be hiding in a dusty PE cupboard with a friend who’s sad, the next you’ll be buying ice-cream from a polar bear. This is a roller coaster of poems that mirrors the ups and downs of daily life. Whether you’re in a thinking mood, a laughing mood or a crazy mood, there are poems here that will keep you company.

This is Coral Rumble’s fourth collection of poems. She was the winner of the 2018 Caterpillar Prize for poetry.


Troika Books



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225 x 164 x 16mm paperback




40 b&w illustrations