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Water-Power Mills of South Lakeland

Michael Davies-Shiel


Although Mike Davies-Shiel had written and co-authored several books, the best known being his own Watermills of Cumbria and The archaeology of the Lake Counties with Dr. John Marshall, his 30 years of research and fieldwork to update John Somervell’s book on Water Power Mills of South Westmorland remained in many files full of copious notes, cuttings and photographs, awaiting the ‘time to write it all up’.
These chapters were found, by his wife and son, on his computer after his untimely death. They give a good indication of the social interest, accuracy and enormity of the task he had set himself. He brings to life the people who for centuries have worked to derive a living from the power of the headwaters and tributaries of the great River Kent.

This book represents half a life time’s meticulous research and fieldwork. It is an irreplaceable historical document and will provide inspiration for local historians and archaeologists for many generations to come.





Publication Date:

2017 March


Hardback; 242 x 165mm




Colour photographs throughout