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Alan Atkinson


Millom – a Cumberland Iron Town and its Railways. Alan Atkinson’s Millom focuses on the history and influence of the railways, both main line and industrial and considers in some detail the industry and commercial development of the principal settlement in the area.

In attempting to compile a history of Millom and its railways one must first ask the question, “where is Millom?” The answer is nowhere near as simple as “a small post-industrial town at the mouth of the River Dutton”, for it depends on whether one is referring to the Lordship, civil parish, township, Urban District, Rural District or just the current town. For the purposes of this historical narrative Millom will be all of these and more besides.

Late twentieth-century commentators have not been kind to Millom: Millward and Robinson in The Regions of Britain – The Lake District (1970) described the town as “a starkly simple ore-mining and smelting centre whose cycle of history is already completed”; the Mayor of Copeland infamously called it “a place of despair”. Today’s visitor could be forgiven for sympathising with these sentiments, but to do so is to misunderstand Millom’s significance as the site of the largest haematite deposit in the UK and the centre of a consistently prosperous and innovative iron manufacturing industry.


Cumbrian Railways Association



Publication Date:

2012 November


Paperback; 295 x 210mm.




Over 150 illustrations.

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