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Discovering Northern lakeland

Charlie Emett, Jim Templeton


The Cumbrian Mountains with their sixteen lakes radiating from a central point like the spokes of a wheel and their numerous smaller tarns have become today’s lakeland, renowned for its great natural beauty.

Until about 1650 this area was regarded as one to be avoided – it was looked upon as a wild, inhospitable place, unsafe for man or beast. Not until William Wordsworth highlighted the area’s charms in the eighteenth century did it become a popular destination for tourists. In his new book Charlie Emett, ably assisted by James Templeton, has chosen 100 of the most fascinating, intriguing and historic sites that the northern part of this area has to offer – not necessarily the most obvious or the well-known tourist traps, but all accessible to the public. From landscape features to obscure villages, from remnants of forgotten industries to surprising buildings, all aspects of the area’s history are included here. A treat for local residents and an eye-opener for visitors, Discovering Northern Lakeland will be welcomed by anyone who is keen to know more about this remarkably scenic part of Britain.


The History Press



Publication Date:

2009 July





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