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A New History of Penrith Book I

From Pre-History to the Close of the Middle Ages

Michael A. Mullett


From Prehistory to the Close of the Middle Ages is the first volume of a new and comprehensive history of Penrith from the earliest times to the present.

Penrith’s central importance comes from its strategic positioning on crucial lines of communication. This volume explores the impact of the Roman presence in this area and goes on to consider the mysteries surrounding the ‘Giant’s Grave’ and the ‘Giant’s Tomb’, in St Andrews churchyard. Penrith had a close relationship with the medieval English monarchy, but the town might also have become part of the kingdom of Scotland. There were devastating Scottish raids in the 14th century, but the constructive work of Bishop William Strickland restored the town’s fortunes. Professor Michael Mullett looks at the changing fortunes of medieval Penrith’s economy; describes the town’s layout and key buildings and examines the role of religion in the medieval urban community.





Publication Date:

2017 February


Paperback; 210 x 147mm




Some black and white illustrations

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