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The Memoirs of Sir Daniel Fleming of Rydal Hall 1633-1688

NoahMcCormack, ScottSowerby


‘All things perish by age and time’. So begins Sir Daniel Fleming’s Memoir. His claim is belied by his own practice of curating vast quantities of family papers and his authorship of this immensely vivid and revealing memoir of his life and times. The memoir is many things. Part family history (back to the Middle Ages), part topography and natural history of his native Lake District, part political narrative of an era of rebellion and party conflict, part the record of the husbanding of a great estate, and part the saga of a gentleman and magistrate managing his family and local society. Never before has this document, rediscovered in recent years in Carlisle Castle, been published in full. Scott Sowerby and Noah McCormack have edited the text to perfection, supporting the reader with rich explanatory material. Fleming’s Memoir illuminates the local, regional and national history of the Stuart century, and scholars and the general reader will look forward to drilling down into this deep historical mine.

Sir Daniel Fleming was one of the largest landowners in seventeenth-century Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire. From his estate overlooking Rydal Water in the Lake District, he lived a full and enterprising life as a magistrate, historian, farmer, father and champion feuder. All these spheres of activity are brought to light in his memoirs, which are both a history of his family since the Norman Conquest and a personal narrative of his experiences in the turbulent Stuart century of civil wars and revolutions. The text here is Sir Daniel’s full account of his life and is accompanied by fine illustrations, a wealth of detailed references, a family tree and a comprehensive biographical guide.





Publication Date:

2021 August 5


Hardback; 225 x 190mm



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