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Dead Ground

M. W. Craven



**M W Craven is also happy to write personal dedications in his books. Please write any requests in the ‘special instructions’ box at the checkout**

Carlisle author M W Craven is back with the fourth installment in his award-winning Washington Poe crime series set in Cumbria.

Detective Sergeant Washington Poe is in court, fighting eviction from his beloved and isolated croft, when he is summoned to a backstreet brothel in Carlisle where a man has been beaten to death with a baseball bat. Poe is confused – he hunts serial killers and this appears to be a straightforward murder-by-pimp – but his attendance was requested personally, by the kind of people who prefer to remain in the shadows.

As Poe and the socially awkward programmer Tilly Bradshaw delve deeper into the case, they are faced with seemingly unanswerable questions: despite being heavily vetted for a high-profile job, why does nothing in the victim’s background check out? Why was a small ornament left at the murder scene – and why did someone on the investigation team steal it? And what is the connection to a flawlessly executed bank heist three years earlier, a heist where nothing was taken . . .






Publication Date:

2021 November 25


Paperback 198 x 126mm



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