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Silloth and Port Carlisle 1923

Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Cumberland


This detailed map covers the port and resort of Silloth, created in the mid 19th century. The railway opened in 1856 to serve a new Cumbrian port, with a steam packet to Liverpool, and a resort quickly followed. A new dock was built in 1885, after the first one had suddenly collapsed. Our map covers the town and dock, with coverage including the Marshall Dock, New Dock, railway station and sidings (with track layout), Convalescent Institution, pier, Christ Church, Criffel Street and handful of streets leading off it, The Green, West Silloth. On the reverse we include a large section of sheet 15.05 covering the earlier port town of Port Carlisle, where a seagoing canal was opened in the 1820s. This was later replaced by a railway, with an initial steam train service which became horse drawn until the 20th century. The map shows most of this tiny village (it never progressed into a town), including the station.

These detailed maps normally cover an area of about one and a half miles by one mile. Each map includes an introduction



Publication Date:

2007 November


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