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Ravenglass & Sellafield 1875

Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Cumberland


These maps normally cover an area of about 18 miles by 12 miles and are especially good at showing railways, roads and canals, and at giving a broad view of a wider area. Each includes an introduction and a more detailed map of a small town or village.

Includes  the coastal strip from just south of Egremont, southward to Bootle. The Sellafield and Ravenglass areas are of especial interest, but the map also includes a detailed map of the village of Gosforth, plus Bootle, Drigg, Gosforth, Hale, Muncaster, Ponsonby, Ravenglass, Seascale, Sellafield, St Bridget Beckermet, St John Beckermet.


Alan Godfrey Maps

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