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Barrow in Furness (East) 1911

Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Westmorland:


These detailed maps normally cover an area of about one and a half miles by one mile. Each map includes an introduction.

This detailed map covers the eastern part of Barrow, with coverage stretching from Schneider Square eastward to Rampside Road, and from Buccleuch Street southward to Buccleuch Bridge. This is a busy map and the many features include parts of Buccleuch and Ramsden Docks, Cavendish Dock, Furness Railway Works, North Lonsdale Hospital, Salthouse, Cottage Homes, Tubular Frame Wagon Works, Workhouse, Pulp & Paper Works, many streets of terraces around town centre with individual houses shown, tramways. A complex railway network is shown, incl Ramsden Dock Branch, part of Stank Branch, Loop Line, part of Piel Branch, Shipyard Junction, Buccleuch Junction, St Luke’s Junction, Loco Junction, Salthouse Junction, Roose station, and lines into the docks.We include extracts from a street directory on the reverse



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