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Kirkby Stephen 1911

Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Westmorland:


  • This detailed map provides good coverage of the small market town of Kirkby Stephen, which in the 19th century developed into a modest railway centre. Our map is double-sided to provide maximum coverage. The main map includes the town centre, with coverage stretching southward to Stenkrith Bridge, and eastward to Hellgill Howe, Birkett Lane and Low Out Wood. Features include the town centre, St Stephen’s church, workhouse, Redman House, Edenbank Brewery, Frank’s Bridge, Hartley Hill, Hartley, Merrygill Viaduct, Podgill Viaduct, Podgill Hole, Brockram Quarry. On the reverse we include a good part of adjacent sheet 23.14, extending coverage westward, and this includes the NER station, engine shed and railway sidings, Croglam Castle, Auction Mart. (Note that the Midland station is off the map.)
    • These detailed maps normally cover an area of about one and a half miles by one mile. Each map includes an introduction.



Publication Date:

2006 August


Folded Map