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The Man Who Gave His Horse to a Beggar

following in the footsteps of Aidan of Lindisfarne, the saint who walked to Heaven

John Connell


The Man Who Gave His Horse To A Beggar is a lavishly-illustrated adventure following in the footsteps of Saint Aiden of Lindisfarne, taking the reader on a geographic and spiritual odyssey through Ireland, Scotland and northern England. While we know very little about our hero’s early life, mountains, holy wells, standing stones, caves, monastic ruins and crosses remain in the landscape as reminders of the lost world through which he walked more than a millennium ago.

Part biography and part pilgrimage, the book is a journey back in time which also asks what lessons this neglected saint might have for our own troubled age. In a rich dialogue between text and image, ‘The Man Who Gave His Horse to a Beggar’ explores why Aiden’s story has so often been overlooked and seeks to restore him to his rightful place as one of the greatest figures in British and Irish history, with a message more pertinent now than ever before.


Culture and Democracy Press



Publication Date:

2020 March


Hardback; 243 x 225mm




Colour photographs throughout