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The Story of Charlotte Mason 1842-1923

Essex Cholmondeley


Charlotte Mason (1842-1923), orphaned and poor at the age of sixteen, nonetheless developed into an inspiring and original educational reformer of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century, a period of great intellectual vitality and cultural change. Enabled through the help of friends and colleagues she founded the Parents’ National Educational Union (PNEU) in 1887 and established ‘The House of Education’, the Teacher Training College for women in Ambleside in 1892.

The clarity and coherence of her applied philosophy of education established the foundation for a simple, stimulating and deeply satisfying enjoyment of learning for children of all ages in countless homes and schools in Britain and the world.

In her biography, Essex Cholmondeley draws on her own experiences of Mason’s teaching, as well as her extensive literary output, to unfold her life and work. Whilst she and Elsie Kitching lacked full details of Mason’s family history, a warm and lively personality emerges, able to inspire other people with her own splendid vision.


Lutterworth Press



Publication Date:

2021 November 25


Paperback; 229 x 152mm




Some black and white photographs

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