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Secret Penrith

Andrew GrahamStables


Strategically situated at the foot of the Pennines, the market town of Penrith was important to both Scotland and England and changed hands several times.

Conflict has been a major influence on this area, from the Scottish Wars, the English Civil Wars and the Jacobite rebellions through to the invasion of Europe during the Second World War when many of the surrounding stately homes and their land being used for secret tank development, manoeuvres and training in preparation D-Day in June 1944. The town also has more peaceful associations. From the 19th century, its position so close to the picturesque scenery of the Lake District made it an increasingly fashionable resort and an attraction for some of our finest artists including JWM Turner. On a journey through this ancient market town, local historian, Andrew Stables will recount some of the history lurking around every corner and you will find more than you could possibly imagine.





Publication Date:

2016 April




100 Colour Photographs

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