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Sacred North

Fr John Musther


Whether you share Fr John’s passion, and regard the saints as ‘friends’; have a thirst for history, ancient places and the lifestyle of our ancestors; and/or are intrigued by the majesty of the environment at its wildest and most beautiful, you will doubtless enjoy Sacred North and its selection of the nearly 250 sites visited and photographed over seven research trips conducted between March 2016 and May 2017, and, hopefully, catch a little of the ‘fire’ that burned within these modern-day pilgrims.

“The inspiration for Sacred North was fuelled by my passion for the early Christian saints. Despite a lifetime of research, we still encountered constant surprises on each of our three long journeys following in the footsteps of these holy men and women, revealing a rich heritage of ancient crosses, remote caves and hidden hermitages, healing wells, ancient chapels, and islands ‘at the end of the world’.”


Culture and Democracy Press



Publication Date:

2018 March


Hardback; 247 x 226mm