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The Rivers of Cumbria

Beth Pipe, StevePipe


Cumbria has been explored in many books over the years, but very little has been written about its rivers and yet, without them, the county would not have evolved in the way that it has. From the high fells to the extensive coastline, these rivers document the stories of our ancestors, from the first settlers to more modern industries. They also provide a vast variety of habitats to local wildlife as well as offering tantalising glimpses into the geological history of the county.

In this unique book, author and photographer Beth and Steve Pipe explore ten Cumbrian rivers, covering the entire breadth of the county, following their journey from source to end. Along the way, Beth and Steve tell the story of each river’s formation, the wildlife and conservation concerns, as well as the social history of the areas they flow through. Each chapter focuses on a different river, including the Eden, Derwent, Kent, Caldew, Lune, Duddon, Esk and Irthing.

The authors also highlight the local culture and show how the rivers have shaped and defined the county’s character and identity. Illustrated throughout, The Rivers of Cumbria will be of interest to local people, visitors and anyone with an interest in this beautiful part of the country.


Amberley Publishing

Publication Date:



Paperback; 235 x 155mm




100 Colour Photographs

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