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The Greta

Keith Richardson


The story of a Lakeland river as it flows through the life and times of Keswick and its people, from the author of the ever popular Joss, Keith Richardson.

Richardson’s The Greta embraces the river as a central theme, a timeless current running through the Lake District town of Keswick.

This book looks at the source and tributaries of the Greta and at the river dwellers, past and present, who have lived or still live on its banks – in some cases for their entire lives – and the impact that being by the river has had upon them.

The author himself lived by the river, at Low Briery, the location of a working bobbin mill, and he relives his childhood experiences of those days.

The Greta is a celebration of the river and the vale, and the town through which it runs.


River Greta Writer



Publication Date:

2010 October


Hardback; 290 x 220mm.




Over 200 colour photographs and illustrations.

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