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Railways in Cumbria

A snapshot from the fifties and sixties

David Spaven


In the 1950s and 60s Cumbria offered a microcosm of what Britain’s railways did, shaped as the region was by a distinctive geography and the major economic forces of mass tourism and concentrated industrial development.

In this album, photos from the substantial Transport Treasury archive illustrate the character of many of the lines which served (and those which still serve) the Lake Counties. As well as covering all the key rail routes of that era, we have sought to provide some unusual images from locations which have often been bypassed in the (literal and metaphorical) rush along the West Coast Main Line over Shap. But the latter has not been neglected either. And we showcase the sheer variety of railway equipment and infrastructure in a compact but scenically diverse geographical area.

Although most of the Cumbrian rail network survived the Beeching Axe, much has changed in the railway scene, and the album therefore allows us to indulge in nostalgia for past times on routes both lost and retained.






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Hardback; 193 x 250mm




Black & white photographs throughout

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