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House of Recovery

Christine Holt


Present Day

A young couple buy a dilapidated house at auction to get on the property ladder. As derelict as the old, detached villa looks on the outside, the interior is like a time capsule, and other than years of silent neglect, the house has been preserved, waiting for new occupants. As renovations commence, the house begins to reveal secrets to its gruesome past and why it was abandoned nearly two hundred years ago.


An undertaker and a volunteer nurse at a hospital for contagious diseases become acquainted through the victims of a murderer creating chaos within the medieval walled city of Carlisle. The unlikely couple, a hunchback and a wealthy young lady, learn about each other’s professions, realising the cloak between the living and the dead is a very thin veil. They question why fate has brought them together, yet cruelly keeps them apart.

The tangled web of past, present and future interferes in all their lives, yet all they strive for is happiness. Will fate be kind to those who do the wrong things for the right reasons?


Austin Macauley



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Paperback; 235 x 155mm