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A New History Of Penrith Book VI

The Twentieth Century, 1900-1974

Michael A. Mullett


As with the rest of Britain, Penrith’s 20th-century life, from the Second Boer War, through the Great War and the Second World War, was dominated by those far-reaching conflicts. Because of its seclusion, the town was singled out as a place of refuge and of top secret wartime work: in both World Wars Penrith people showed extraordinary generosity and hospitality in welcoming into their midst, first, refugees from the invasion of Belgium and, later, evacuees from Newcastle upon Tyne and other British towns and cities. In the Second World War, the area hosted the bizarre ‘CDL’ tank disabling project.

Professor Mullett’s Penrith In The Twentieth Century, however is about so much more than a succession of dreadful wars, for there are chapters on its ‘persona’, on loss of its historic built environment, its trade, economy and governance, its conversion into a safe Conservative constituency, on water supply, public health, traffic problems and their solution, council house building (with focus on the marvellous Scaws Estate), religion (in an era of de-Christianisation) and education, all richly set out with profuse photographic evidence and fully contexted against the background of British, European and world history.

With the completion of Book VI, Michael Mullett has reached the end of his narrative line in A New History Of Penrith.



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Paperback; 210 x 150mm



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