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Barrow-In-Furness Reflections

Gill Jepson


A reappraisal of this unique northern industrial town situated at the end of a long peninsula, Barrow-In-Furness Reflections seeks to record the changing face of the town over time. Its fortunes are in flux, and it faces huge challenges to take it forward. The evidence of the town’s ambitious and aspirational past is writ large in its buildings and community, and encouragementcan be taken from these. The area has an abundance of fascinating and beautiful places and a wonderful natural environment to enjoy, often overlooked because of the industry Barrow is famous for. However, its beaches, countryside and heritage sites such as Furness Abbey and Piel Castle are just as much a part of the town and its community as the townscape.

Through blended images readers can see how the landscape, streets, buildings, industries, the dockyard and aspects of everyday life have changed with the passing of time. Local author Gill Jepson presents this fascinating visual chronicle that ingeniously mirrors Barrow-In-Furness past and present. This cornucopia of visual delights awaits discovery by the unsuspecting visitor and will not disappoint.


Amberley Publishing



Publication Date:



Paperback; 234 x 165mm



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