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The Wall

Rome's Greatest Frontier




Hadrian’s Wall is the largest single Roman monument in the world and the most impressive Roman legacy north of the Alps.

“The Wall” tells the story of Hadrian’s Wall, its makers, its effect and its impact on northern Britain. With more than 24 million stones, its mass is greater than all of the Egyptian pyramids, and its scale is almost beyond grasp. 30,000 soldiers and craftsmen worked for 10 years to complete it, and when the great sea-wall down the Cumbrian coast was completed, it stretched for around 120 miles. Native kings must have shuddered at this amazing barrier. A stunning statement of imperial power – throwing a girdle of stone across the waist of Britain. Set in stunning landscapes, incorporating much new research and taking the story right up to the present day, Alistair Moffat and Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson bring this remarkable and intriguing tale to the screen
in a unique and fascinating way.
Running time approximately 138 minutes.


Northern Heritage

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